Wednesday, May 28, 2003

If you want the rainbow, you have to put up with the rain.
- Dolly Parton
It is not that I'm smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer.
--Albert Einstein
When a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is any thing
you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it.
-- Edgar Watson Howe
"A leader is best when people scarcely know he exists. Not so good when
they kindly obey and acclaim him. Worse when they despise him.
Fail to honor people, they fail to honor you. But of a good leader, who
talks little, when his work is done and his aim fulfilled, they will
say: 'We did this ourselves.' "
Lao-Tzu, 5th century B.C. - Tao-Te Ching
"Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia." - Charles Schultz
"Speak the truth, but leave immediately after."
"And Alice picked up the little cake and on it read, 'Be yourself.' "How
funny," Alice thought, "what else could I be!"
Birds of a feather flock to a newly washed car.
Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize
they were the big things.
-- Robert Brault
"To live in the hearts
of those you leave behind
is never to die"
~Robert Orr~
Defination of Courage, Grace under pressure.
Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and
I'm not sure about the former.
- Albert Einstein
"I would rather suffer from a hundred dissapointments then one regret."
When I hear somebody sigh and say, 'life is hard,' I am always tempted to ask, 'Compared to what?'
~~ Sydney Harris
Draw a crazy picture,
Write a nutty poem,
Sing a mumble - gumble song,
Whistle through your comb,
Do a looney - goony dance,
'Cross the kitchen floor,
Put something silly in the world
That ain't been there before.

Right or Left at Oak Street.
It is the choose I make everyday.
And I do not know which takes more courage.
The Staying or the Running Away.
Roy Clark
"A dreamer is one who finds his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that
he sees the dawn before the rest of the world." -Oscar Wilde
"An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a
-- Arabian Proverb
"One drink is just right; two is too many; three are too few."
-- Spanish Proverb
"If I try to be like him, who will be like me?"
-- Yiddish proverb
"Tell a person they are brave and you help them become so."
Thomas Carlyle
1795-1881, Philosopher and Author

Thursday, May 22, 2003

I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass.
~ Maya Angelou
It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have time.
~Tallulah Bankhead
Love your job but never fall in love with your company because you never know when company stops loving you

-Narayana Murthy- CEO Infosys Technologies.
If you are going to walk on thin ice, you might as well dance.
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and
those who matter don't mind.
- Theodore Giesel (Dr. Suess)
A stupid man stays awake all night pondering his problems; he's all worn out
when morning comes, and whatever was, still is.
- Viking Proverb

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Some of the best things in life will come to you when you are not looking for them.

-I. Nath
The most important thing in someone's personality is being real.

Everything is funny as long as it happens to someone else.

-Will Rodgers
There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.
--Benjamin Disraeli
"I guess when your heart gets broken you sort of start to see cracks in
everything. I'm convinced that tragedy wants to harden us and our mission
is never to let it." --Felicity
"Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest."
--Fortune Cookie

Thursday, May 08, 2003

"If you are not afraid to face the music, you may some day lead the
band."--Unknown author
"Sir, What is the secret of your success?" a reporter asked a bank president. "Two words" "And, Sir,what are they?" "Right decisions." "And how do you make right decisions?" "One word." "And,sir,What is that?" "Experience." "And how do you get Experience ?" "Two words" "And, Sir,what are they?" "Wrong decisions" --Author Unknown
When we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up
with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love -
true love
--Robert Fulghum
"Be able to swim with the sharks without being eaten
"We all want to go to heaven but nobody wants to die."
"You cannot become what you need to be by remaining what you are."
"Every success story starts with a kid who hated to lose. "
Creighton Preparatory
I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge, that myth is more
potent that history. I believe that dreams are more powerful than facts -
that hope always triumphs over experience - that laughter is the only cure
for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than death
-- From the movie The Crow
"Lying is done with words and also with silence"
~Adrienne Rich~
"We can repair anything. (Please knock hard on the door - the bell doesn't work.)"
- Sign on door of repair shop
"I've never had major knee surgery on any other part of my body."
- Winston Bennett, University of Kentucky basketball forward.
"Sure there have been injuries and deaths in boxing - but none of them serious."
- Alan Minter, Boxer
"How to store your baby walker: First, remove baby."
- Anonymous Manufacturer
"I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada."
- Britney Spears, Pop Singer
"I’d rather die like a man than live like a coward.” TUPAC
The more you know, the less you need to say -- Jim Rohn

Monday, May 05, 2003

Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.
- Anthony Robbins

Friday, May 02, 2003

"I know what it's like to want to die. How it hurts to smile. How you try to
fit in but you can't. How you hurt yourself on the outside to try to kill
the thing on the inside." (Girl Interrupted)
Some say the glass is half empty, some say the glass is half full, I say,
are you going to drink that?
--Lisa Claymen
" A good friend will bail you out of jail. But a best friend will be sitting
right next to you saying ' That was fucking awesome!'.
" The hardest thing about growing up is that you have to do what's best for
you even if it means breaking someones heart. Including your own."
" If you say you love someone, you say it, right then, out loud, or the
moment just passes you by. " ~ My Best Friends Wedding
In the dark it is easy to pretend that the truth is what it ought to be. Andrew Lloyd Webber - Phantom of the Opera
"life is a big movie, it's stupid and it's strange, it's a directionless story and the dialogue is lame. but in the he said/she said sometimes there's some poetry if you turn your back long enough to let it happen naturally."
--ani difranco
"It seems that different people have an idea of what I am, and what I
should be. And then there's me"
~Ani Difranco~
"My mother said to me, 'If you become a soldier, you'll be a general; if you
become a monk, you'll end up as the pope.' Instead, I became a painter and
wound up as Picasso."
Pablo Picasso
Suicide is your way of telling God: you can't fire me. I quit -- Bill Maher
"When you say Yes, say it quickly. But always take a half hour to say No, so you can understand the other fellow's side."
---Francis Cardinal Spellman (1889 - 1967, Archbishop of New York City 1939-1967